Taximandu in  Startup World Cup

The Startup World Cup is a global platform for startups and startup ecosystems. It’s a global competition that connects you with global startups and introduces you to new opportunities all across the world.  It also aids in the development of a network with investors and cooperative representatives. It essentially brings together young entrepreneurs from all over the world to select the finest startup that will improve the world. Taximandu won the Startup World Cup Nepal Regionals 2021. Startup Hub Nepal, a country partner for the Startup World Cup, hosted the event.

Taximandu was founded in 2019 with the goal of allowing users to book a taxi via their mobile phones. The biggest issue was that most of the taxi drivers were not technology-friendly. They received training on how to use maps, applications, and payment channels. Another major difficulty was the lack of internet access. Despite their problems they continued to strive toward the objectives and plans they had set. They had over 30,000 customers in their first three months of business. By adding new features, it has continued to serve people not only locally but even internationally. They have also begun operating as a ride-sharing platform in the African region.
We know Taximandu for its outstanding features, such as its simple Interface. One can select the pickup location and destination and need not set the price. Another advantage is the cost-effectiveness. i.e the app displays the fare and no need for further tips or fees. In the case of an emergency or an urgent scenario, booking a taxi is also quick. You may also use the GPS tracking feature to keep track of the location. This also aids in protecting the passenger’s security.
Taximandu won the Startup World Cup Nepal Regionals, with an idea pitched by Arjun KC, the company’s Founder. In November, the team will be going to Silicon Valley to compete in the Startup Worldcup. It is also Nepal’s first effort to compete in this international Championship. The winner will receive $1 million for the startup.
The startup world cup is about creative minds working towards a common objective so that the prize may be invested in new innovations and ideas. These types of events help to motivate the new entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and focus on improving entrepreneurship and innovation prospects for startups. 

You may book a ride without worry and tension by doing it ahead of time. There is no better way to do so than to rely on Taximandu. Go download the app now!!



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