About Us

Taximandu Service Pvt. Ltd is registered under the Office of Company
Register Kathmandu. The business will be operated as Private Limited
Company with one shareholder with the objectives of providing Customer
Satisfaction & Social Corporate Responsibility within Nepal.
Taximandu Service Pvt. Ltd will establish “JGO-Multi-Service app”  with
60+ Service under One Umbrella App that allows them to book Multiple
Services. To make sure that user doesn’t have to download numerous
Apps for booking each service, we created this App that will allow them
to register in just 1 App and book all kinds of On-Demand Services.
With single Login, users can book all kinds of services like Taxi Booking,
Grocery Delivery, getting an appointment with Doctor, Ordering Food, all at
a go – in real-time.
Taximandu Service Pvt. Ltd. established with the vision of providing on stop
online customer solution for easy daily work and manage and
collection of handyman services provider of several sectors in one
Taximandu Service Pvt. Ltd. is Company with a mission to provide
a mobile app to Manage Transport Management, Delivery Management
and Handyman Service Management with in Nepal and create and
utilize more than twenty thousand employment through taxi driver,
Delivery Man and Handyman with in Nepal. It also provide
an opportunity to semiskilled workers in Handyman Service for providing
service around the whole country. JGO- Super app guarantees an
immediate and quality service. Get your service anywhere within Nepal
and pay by your card/e-wallet or with cash as per your choice.
We provide you all the services you need for your travel. You just book a
ride in advance to get this service at your disposal.