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Taximandu “Drive and Win Bike” Campaign – Terms and Conditions for Riders

Taximandu “Drive and Win Bike” Campaign – Terms and Conditions for Riders Eligibility: The promotion is open to all registered drivers on the Taximandu Driver platform who meet the legal requirements for operating a motor vehicle in their respective regions. Campaign Period: The “Drive and Win Bike” campaign will run from 1st Feb 2024 to 500k completed rieds. Only rides…

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Easy way to visit Sanga Shiva Mandir In kathmandu.

Embark on an enchanting journey with Taximandu to explore the majestic Sanga Shiva Mandir in Kathmandu, Nepal. As you delve into this unforgettable adventure, you’ll experience the perfect blend of modern convenience and cultural immersion, making your visit to the ancient temple a truly enriching and delightful experience. Start by opening the Taximandu app on your smartphone, where the world…

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Best and Easy Way To Travel Kulekhani with Taximandu

Dreaming of an escape to nature’s embrace? Look no further than Kulekhani – and let Taximandu be your companion on this journey of awe-inspiring landscapes and breathtaking serenity. 🔹 Effortless Booking: With Taximandu booking a ride to Kulekhani is as easy as a few taps on your phone. Say goodbye to complicated travel planning and embrace simplicity. 🔹 Scenic Routes:…

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