How a digital solution can improve driver retention for your taxi business

Driver retention is one of the major problems faced by taxi service providers in the wake of the global pandemic. Now that the commuters are switching to the new normal, the ride volume is increasing and ride-hailing service providers ought to strengthen their workforce to convert incoming opportunities into revenue.

Here’s how you can aid your taxi company’s driver retention.

Ensure driver safety: With the COVID-19 influence still in the air, taxi drivers prioritize safety. To prevent the spread of illnesses, encourage your drivers to wear face masks and use hand sanitizers. Install partition shields in your vehicles to provide a safe physical space between your drivers and passengers.

Implement income transparency: You can simply keep track of the revenue flow into your firm and manage payroll processing for your drivers based on their specified commission rates with a  digital solution. They can also view their income using the earnings tab in the driver app.

Reward your drivers: Timely rewards encourage your drivers to be as productive as possible while also strengthening your relationship with your employees. With a digital system, you can easily track individual drivers’ performance and award them accordingly.

Create new opportunities: The key to retaining your drivers is to reduce their idle time and keep them engaged. While you keep ride-hailing as your main business, look into other sectors that require transportation to open up more doors. 

Drivers can also benefit from technology that makes them feel more supported. Drivers can develop their abilities through coaching sessions while keeping their jobs in the long run with the help of a digital solution.

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