Dashain Festival in Nepal

 Nepal is often known as the Festival Country. It is rich in diversity, religions, culture,  and languages. Dashain is Nepal’s largest and most spectacular celebration, which takes place between September and October. It is generally celebrated for 15 days with different rituals.

Dashain is a festival of family reunions, gifts, and blessings. Dashain honors Goddess Durga, who was created from the shakti (energy) of all the gods and armed with their weapons.

Dashain Festival Celebration Process

It starts from the Shukla Paksha (bright lunar fortnight) of the month of Ashwin and ends on Purnima, the full moon. The most important days are 1st, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. It is believed to be the festival for celebrating victory over evil.

The 1st day is  Ghatasthapana.  On this day people sow seeds of either maize or barley. It later grows as Jamara which is used on the main day of Dashain.

The 7th day is called Fulpati. It is of two words ‘ful’ that means flower and ‘pati’ means leaves. This day is all about bringing the Fulpati into the puja room. Puja room is decorated with a variety of flowers and leaves to welcome Dashain. There is a myth that all different kinds of Fulpati make all the nine goddesses happy and bless us with all kinds of happiness, good health, and wealth.

 The 8th day is called Maha Asthami and also called Kal Ratri. On this day, people pay their respects to the goddesses Durga and Kali. Goddess Durga is said to have shown her fierce side on this day, revealing Goddess Kali through the sacrifice of animals such as goats, buffalos, hens, and sheep.

The 9th day is called Maha Navami and on this day Vishwakarma, the god of creation, is worshipped. Furthermore, it is believed that worshiping vehicles on this day prevents accidents throughout the year. So,  motorcycles, cars, and trucks are worshipped on this day. The Taleju Temple gates are opened to the general public on only this day of the year. Thousands of devotees go and pay respect to the goddess on this day.

The 10th day is called Vijaya Dashami and on this day, people put tika and Jamara on their foreheads. They visit their relatives’ houses and enjoy this day merrily. It is believed that people should play swing at least once a year to leave their feet off their ground. Elders give blessings and money to the juniors. 

The 15th day is called Kojagrat Purnima which falls on the full moon day. Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, is honored on this day because it is believed that Goddess Laxmi descends on earth and showers money and prosperity on whoever is awake all night. People spend the evening playing cards and other activities.

Some of the activities that we basically do in Dashain are:

  1. Flying Kites
  2. Playing Cards
  3. Getting new clothes
  4. Bamboo Swings and Ferry Wheels
  5. Meeting Family and Relatives
  6. Enjoy Varieties of foods
  7. Visit Temples
  8. Taking Blessings from Seniors
  9. Decorating and cleaning house

During the Dashain celebration, people from all over the world come to Nepal. This is also the best time to visit because the weather is pleasant and cool. As a result, visiting Nepal during this time and witnessing the event is a must-do experience.

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