A key benefit of Taxi advertisement:

Easily grabs the attention

One of the major advantages of moving Taxi advertisements is that they have the knack to grab the audience’s attention. Just imagine that you’re standing on the roadside watching hundreds of vehicles passing by you and none of them catches your attention as it’s a routine thing. But as soon as a vehicle passes with a well-crafted design on a wrap, your eyes will be glued to it. Moreover, it will prompt you to read all the information about that advertisement. That’s how a moving Taxi advertisement accomplishes all the tasks a good advertisement should complete.

Larger audience reach/ Draws everyone’s attention:

Taxi Advertisement has a larger reach than you think. For a Taxi, the average number of impressions per day falls in the range between 500K above. Speaking of cities like Kathmandu where it’s so much crowded, the number of impressions might shoot up. . With taxi advertisements such as Taximandu offers, you can get to widen your audience reach. Taxi advertisement is the most effective as well as the easiest way to reach a wide range of audience

Long-lasting advertisement

Apart from being cost-effective, the taxi wrap ads have a long life too. It’s because of its recurring nature. If you put an ad on the television then it gets over after 30 seconds or so.

Local advertising

Taxi wrap advertising is a boon for all the local brands. They are useful as these taxis can target the brand’s target audience. For example, if someone wants to promote their coaching class and the cab roams around various schools and colleges then it creates useful impressions on those students which eventually converts them into leads.

Generate a positive opinion

Taxi wrap advertisement has a polite image when it comes to consumers. This could be due to its non-aggressive approach. But what’s more important is that it establishes a good image of the brand that it advertises. Around 75% of people said that they felt the company is established when they see such type of advertisement on a frequent basis.

An affordable strategy:

One of the greatest hindrances for small businesses owners have when it comes to marketing their products is budget. And the taxi advertisement method is the most cost-effective ones.

Using alluring designs:

By designing an appealing advertisement is adequate space, Taxi ads are best in its technique among all other methods.

A Hope that you attach to Taxis To Grow Your Brand.

In this era of high competition in the market, it is always necessary to be updated with modern trends. Otherwise, you will remain outdated as well as last in the race of competition.

Taxi advertisement is nowadays is the most unique and advanced method of promotion of any brand. So, be smart and start your small business’s promotion with the help of taxi advertisement techniques, if you are not using this methodology yet.




Taximandu “TAXI Advertising” in Kathmandu

Taxis are an essential part of Kathmandu’s transport system and are part of city life. Taxi advertising is a premium out-of-home advertising format utilizing this unique space. Branded Taxi s spends their working days in the busiest parts of the city reaching a concentrated and varied audience. Essentially Taxi Advertising captures an entire city’s audience. Taxi advertising in Kathmandu puts your brand and your advertising right in front of your customers when they are deciding how and where to spend their money.

Taxi s are iconic and instantly recognizable, as well as being an intrinsic and practical part of everyday city life and our transport system. Taxi Advertising has grown rapidly to become the premium advertising choice for reaching an urban audience of millions. Each Taxi travels hundreds of miles each week, stopping at thousands of destinations, creating millions of impressions on your potential customer base.

As a stand-alone advertising platform or as part of an integrated campaign, Taxi Advertising in Kathmandu can take your brand almost anywhere. Taxi s are used and seen by financial high-fliers, business decision-makers, shoppers, wealthy residents, tourists, and visitors. Taxi Advertising directly influences the buying habits of everyone in a city.

Exterior advertising is seen by millions of people every day. Bold designs, colorful images, and simple statements; the widest cross-section of the public will soon recognize and recall your brand, giving you the edge in today’s highly competitive consumer marketplace.


A huge increment of population creates a high level of demand for local taxi services within Kathmandu valley and other major cities of Nepal. Only some number of such types of companies are operating in the current situation. Existing companies are not able to meet the demand of customers and are not familiar with the trend of online facilities and also there is no sufficient service supply, so this can beneficial for our company.

The Promotional Coverage through the taxi service is wider than that of marketing personnel. Taxi run 24 hours a day covering different places and mass of peoples within the valley and outside too. Marketing personnel works 8 hours a day and 24/25 days in months. Whereas, taxi runs 24 hours a day and runs every day throughout the month. Marketing personnel covers limited areas or mass of people but the taxi fleet covers a large number of passengers’ peoples. Taxi driver conveys the message to every passenger, who takes the taxi fleet. Thus, it is a more effective means of modern promotion activities.

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