Why ride with Taximandu?

Taximandu is one of the best e-taxi service providers. You can easily book your taxi online and it will be there within 5 minutes at your doorstep. Rather than going around looking for cabs and fighting over price, use Taximandu to swiftly book rides. So, why ride with Taximandu? Here are a few examples:

  1. A ride for every pocket: Taximandu offers a pleasant journey at a low cost. It is designed for both luxury rides and day-to-day rides that are swift and cost-effective.
  2. Secure and Safer Rides: Taximandu is one of the safest cab businesses in the country for passengers to ride within. During the COVID – 19 epidemic, they took numerous steps to safeguard the safety of their driver-partners as well as their passengers. They also have GPS to ensure you a safe travel experience.
  3. In-cab Entertainment: While riding with Taximandu, you can watch videos and listen to music, and much more.
  4. Fixed Price: Your mobile app will show you the approximate charge. You can check fare details before confirming a ride. They guarantee a set fee and do not expect you to tip.
  5. Cashless Rides: Go cashless and travel easily with Taximandu. You may effortlessly make an online payment using E-Sewa.

Instead of walking around looking for taxis and haggling over prices, simply download Taximandu and book rides quickly. 

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