1.     Himalayan Java Coffee: This popular coffee chain in Nepal has several branches in Kathmandu. It is well-known for its excellent coffee and cosy ambiance, making it a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike.       


  1. Garden of Dreams: Located in the heart of Kathmandu, the Garden of Dreams is not just a beautiful garden but also houses a lovely café. It offers a peaceful oasis in the bustling city and serves delicious food and beverages.


  1. Jhamel Street (Jhamsikhel): Jhamel Street, also known as Jhamsikhel, is a trendy area in Kathmandu with numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars. It’s a great place to explore and find cafes that suit your taste.


  1. The Old House Cafe: Situated in the Bhaktapur district, this café is housed in a traditional Newari building, adding to its charm. It offers a relaxed atmosphere and serves a variety of dishes and beverages.


  1. Roadhouse Café: With multiple locations in Kathmandu, Roadhouse Café is famous for its wood-fired pizzas and other continental dishes. It is a favourite  among locals and expats looking for a taste of home.

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