Tihar Festival in Nepal

Tihar is also known as Deepawali is a Hindu festival. It is observed for five days. It is also known as the  Festival of Light. After Dashain, Tihar is Nepal’s second most important celebration. This festival falls in the month of Kartik (October or November). Animals such as crows, cows, and dogs are also revered during this event. Rangolis are made on the floors of living rooms and patios. Rangolis are made with ingredients such as colored rice, dry flour, colorful sand, or flower petals. Rangolis are created to welcome Hindu Gods and Goddesses, particularly Goddess Laxmi. 

This festival is generally celebrated for five days. The crow is honored on the first day of the festival, Kaag Tihar. On the second day, Kukur Tihar is dedicated to the worship of dogs. Gai Tihar and Laxmi Puja are held on the third day. In the morning, prayers and food are served to the cow, and in the evening, Goddess Laxmi is honored with elaborate prayers and puja. The fourth day is dedicated to the draught animal, the oxen, on which the Newari community also observes Mha Puja. The fifth day is Brothers’ Day when sisters bless their brothers by applying tika on their foreheads. Candles, oil-wick lamps, and electric lights are used to illuminate homes during this celebration. The ceremony concludes with a feast as the brothers present their sisters with gifts. It is also tradition to travel from home to house singing Tihar songs and granting blessings in exchange for money. Despite a government prohibition on fireworks, the sky is also filled with them.  

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