The major attraction of Bhaktapur Durbar Square

The city of Bhaktapur, also known as “Bhaktapur Durbar Square,” is a museum of medieval art and architecture with many examples of sculpture, woodcarving, and huge pagoda temples dedicated to many gods and goddesses. It is located 15 kilometers from Kathmandu. It consists of a collection of pagoda and shikhara-style temples arranged around a brick and wood palace with fifty-five windows. The area is one of the Valley’s most stunning architectural showpieces, highlighting Nepal’s old arts. Its main traditional industries are pottery and weaving. Some of the major attractions are: 

55 window palace: This is the most important architectural structure in Durbar Square. This amazing structure was constructed in the 15th century AD. We can observe the preeminent illustration of wood carvings of the Malla periods in this building. With the black coloration, it appears to be more appealing. We can observe the first and second floors of the palace had a perfect reflection of wood carving.

Golden Gate: The Golden Gate is regarded to be the most magnificent and intricately sculpted specimen of its kind in the world. The entryway is guarded by two heavenly nymphs and is crowned by a statue of the Hindu goddess Kali and Garuda (mythical griffin). This is the palace’s main entrance.

Lion’s Gate: This gate has two beautiful stone statues of Hindu deities installed on either side.  It is reported that the artists who made this had their hands cut off as soon as they finished them. This was done by a furious Bhadgaon King in order for the artisan to stop producing such works.

Mini Pashupati Temple: Some people call it a royal dream temple. After a Bhadgaun king dreamed of it, it is said to have been built just in front of the palace.

Nyatapola Temple: This is Nepal’s most famous pagoda. In Newari, Nyatapola means “five tires,” which represents the five essential components. This is Nepal’s highest pagoda, and it is the most architecturally perfect and artistically beautiful structure ever erected. Sidhilaxmi, the tantric goddess of extreme power and success, is honored in this temple.

Bhairava Nath Temple: This temple dedicated to Lord Bhairava is one of Bhaktapur’s rectangular-based temples. This temple is readily recognizable because it is located just behind the huge Nyatapola temple.

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