Safety tips for using public transportation when travelling

Using the public transportation system can be a great way for a traveler to save money but it also presents some risks. Considerations should be taken for safety and crime prevention. Persons riding on public transportation should be alert and exercise good-sense precautions. These tips will help you stay safe while using public transportation

  • If you’re going to be hopping on and off buses all day, don’t carry any valuables with you. Pickpocketing is a common occurrence on crowded buses, and you don’t want to give a potential thief a cause to target you. This can bring unwanted attention to oneself and lead potential pickpockets to question what else you’re carrying.
  • It’s essential to keep close control over your bags and packages. Keep your smaller personal items, like a purse or laptop bag with yourself making sure that you keep an eye or hand on all of your belongings means that it’s less likely to be taken or accidentally left behind.
  • You never know who might be observing or targeting you when you’re sleeping, so stay alert and aware of your surroundings. This will not only make you less of a target for pickpockets, but it will also assist you to avoid missing your stop.
  • Keep an eye on how others around you act. Change seats or inform the driver if you feel uneasy or threatened.
  • Make sure you have the correct quantity of money for your fare. That way, you won’t have to show off any additional cash you have on you.
  • It’s fine to strike up a lighthearted discussion with strangers on public transportation, but don’t share your personal information.

Public transportation can be a very beneficial way to save money and get to a place more quickly. If adequate precautions are not followed, it can also be another way to become a victim.\

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