Problems that women drivers usually face

In terms of transportation sector working conditions, a recent study on female traditional taxi drivers highlights the long hours, physical and psychological risks, as well as their vulnerability to gender violence and sexual harassment that they face on a daily basis in this highly male-dominated industry. Some of the major problems that women’s drivers usually face are:

Health risk: According to research, they are at risk for a variety of health issues, including low back and leg discomfort, as a result of their extremely sedentary vocation, long work hours, and job-related pressures. However, the lack of a safe toilet during the night is one of the biggest concerns impacting their health. The quality of water they drink is also directly related to a higher probability of renal diseases. Respiratory health problems are another main problems they face.

 Lack of security: Female taxi drivers are more vulnerable to abuse than women in other occupations. They had also been robbed by vehicles. They are substantially more likely to be sexually harassed at work and to consider quitting due to workplace violence.

Discrimination and sexual harassment: They are subjected to a great deal of gender discrimination, which makes them feel unwelcome and prevents women from working as commercial drivers. Sometimes they also receive some nasty and vulgar comments from their co-workers. 

 Taxi driving is a significant source of revenue for women but the working circumstances and surroundings must be suitable. It is critical that the public, business, and civil society sectors work together to eliminate these problems.

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