Problems faced by taxi driver in Nepal

Taxis have been gaining popularity as a convenient mode of transportation for people of all ages who need to travel for any occasion. It is available 24/7 to assist you in reaching your destination securely and on time, whether you are traveling in a new location or in an emergency scenario. When compared to public transportation, taxi services are more flexible. They provide you the flexibility to travel whenever and anywhere you desire. You will also save time and energy. 

There are a few major challenges that taxi drivers confront. Taxi drivers do not receive a regular income or a defined hourly rate. Drivers typically charge passengers using a meter on a daily basis, mostly based on time and distance traveled, and on some other days, such as the day they are driving. Due to their limited mobility on a daily basis and their diets, taxi drivers might be a source of common health problems. Respiratory health problems are the main problems Taxi drivers are facing. Taxi drivers are more likely than other people to be victims of crimes. They work in all sections of a city, frequently late at night, and pick up random people. Taxi drivers encounter the same problems such as breakdowns, bad weather, and other day-to-day troubles and fines. 

If the taxi management system becomes more successful and all of their concerns are resolved, it will be an example to other vehicle operators.

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