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Places where you will find yummy burgers! – Travel with Taximandu

Roadhouse Café: Roadhouse Café is a popular restaurant chain in Kathmandu known for its mouthwatering burgers and wood-fired pizzas. They have multiple locations in the city, including Thamel, Boudha, and Patan, offering a cozy ambiance and a diverse menu. Burger Shack: Burger Shack is a favorite spot for burger lovers in Kathmandu. They offer a variety of burgers, including vegetarian…

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Bi Taksi In Nepal

BiTaksi is one of the most popular taxi companies in Istanbul with over 34,000 taxi drivers and over 200,000 registered users. But if you’re looking Bi Taksi in Nepal, you can found Taximandu.  Taximandu is a taxi service that will leave you feeling touched and inspired. Their drivers are more than just chauffeurs, they are kind and compassionate souls who…

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Taximandu – Your Go-to Ride Sharing App for Seamless Travel

Tired of long waits and unpredictable transportation options? Welcome to Taximandu, your ultimate ride-sharing solution for convenient, safe, and affordable travel. Say goodbye to transportation hassles and let Taximandu take you to your destination with ease! Why Choose Taximandu? 1. Instant Bookings: With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can book a ride instantly. No more waiting on…

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